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Comfort and Joy

Comfort and Joy

What a wonderful eve we had at Comfort and Joy the venue of my first Master Gardener event in Crystal Palace on 9th November. 6 people joined 2 of my existing households, our hostess Andrea and me for my ‘Grow Your Own’ talk and introduction to the MG scheme.

The turnout was a pleasant surprise and group soon began chatting amongst themselves in the relaxing, cosy surroundings of the ‘Comfort and Joy’ cafe. After introductions I described the workings of the scheme with a lot of input from the two existing households who were able to speak about their experiences so far having recently joined. The group had a variety of reasons for attending the event and it soon became clear that between them they had a lot to share on the basis of their different staring points, growing experiences and existing skills. The atmosphere was vibrant and it really felt like we were a group with a future, bubbling over with ideas and different ways of working together. Five households keenly registered there and then.

After summing up I distributed Corn Salad plants (seedlings) in pots that I had been nurturing since our training in September along with a sachet of Corn Salad seeds and some broad beans to those who wanted. These little gifts of encouragement were to sow the first seeds of their new experience. I also went through the collection of Garden Organic seeds available for them to select from for their growing season my plan to deliver to them on my first visit to help them get started.

Most of our happy group went to the pub after and there was lots of chatting so I can say the event was a real success.

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