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Seed Swap and Growing advice Extravaganza at Crystal Palace

Seed Swap and Growing advice Extravaganza at Crystal Palace

Lots of lovely interaction took place on 8th Feb – a wonderful kick start to the growing season of 2014! And in an otherwise blustery and hailing day, we enjoyed a couple of hours of lovely sunshine. Blessed indeed.

20-odd South London Master Gardeners flooded the very dynamic Crystal Palace scene – half at the Transition Town Patchwork Farm stall at the Food Market, and half in the forecourt of Sainsburys. Wherever you bought your food that day, we were there!

The SLMGs definitely have cause to be proud of their knowledge and ability to communicate the joy of germination.  Market co-ordinator Karen Jones thanked us,

It was lovely having the event in the market, it created a great buzz and pulled a lot of people in.


Seed swap: Alona, Helen, Annina (team AHA that went on to win the quiz at the end of our training day – click for the story)

Kids': Jean, Hilda

Planting for beneficial insects: Kate, Stephen, Barbara

Growing through the year: Colin with Lambs Lettuce, Mastoor with sowing indoor tomato ‘Red Robin’, Mark with cloches and mizuna

Other advice topics: Pam on compost, Susan on pests, diseases and deficiencies, Ruth with mint cuttings, rosemary on harvesting and preserving

Roving ambassadors with veg planner: Claire, Gloria, Diana and Fiona

Pictures: Jo

See the flickr set for more lovely images of interaction (click)

Read about the rest of the day here (click)

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