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South London Master Gardeners – 6000 hours of local advice and support growing food

South London Master Gardeners – 6000 hours of local advice and support growing food

We’ve had an excellent run under the Local Food funding. We’ve reached Yr 5, Quarter 2 of our programme. There was 3 year’s funding initially, and that was extended by 18 months due to enormous success.  However, all good things must come to an end. And so, a little poignantly, this is the last story on the website.

However, I am pleased to announce the grand totals of activity!

Outcome details – grand totals

Drum roll…

Since June 2011

We’ve recruited and trained 119 South London Master Gardeners on 6 induction weekends and they have:

Had the opportunity to attend 16 inservice training days

Given more than 6000 hours volunteering

Recruited over 600 households or groups consisting of 1606 adults and 567 under-16s

Spoken to nearly 14,000 people in the wider community with growing advice

Attended 215 community events

And we’ve engaged our audience with more than 22,500 visits to the website!

We haven’t managed to find new funding after Feb 2014. I will be moving on (see here for my au revoir statement) and know that my colleagues at HQ in Ryton are continuing development work for London. We’re all disappointed that the programme is in hiaitus, and are grateful for the many many good wishes from local food partners and friends in our six boroughs of operation.

As Co-ordinator, I’ve seen through an exit strategy, including action planning for each of the 69 Master Gardeners still active. Our volunteers can no longer call themselves Master Gardeners but will have opportunities to carry on with Garden Organic’s Food Growing in Schools and more.

We certainly aim to have MGs up and running again soon in parts of South London.

It’s been a super final quarter, though, including an excellent extra training day and Seed Swap Advice extravaganza with our friends at Transition Town Crystal Palace.

For enquiries and to discuss future programmes, please go to the contact page


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