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Harvest Festival at Surrey Street

Harvest Festival at Surrey Street

It’s not every day you get a visit from a friendly pea pod and a tomato, but that’s who came to see Croydon’s newly-minted Master Gardeners at Surrey Street.

The volunteers were joining in at the Surrey Street Market Harvest Festival, giving out food-growing advice and encouraging Croydon residents to have a go at growing.

Master Gardeners Nola, Iain, Shujaat, Hassan and Jay all took a turn behind the stall. Many of the passers-by who stopped were drawn by our display of scented herbs and unusual Crystal Lemon cucumbers. On the next-but-one stall, their Master Gardener colleague Andrew was busy pressing what looked like an orchard-full of apples and pears into the most delicious fresh juices.

Something as vibrant and tasty as freshly-pressed juice is a powerful reminder that fruit and veggies you grow yourself can taste so good. Tree to glass in minutes, it’s the ultimate fast food!

Surrey Street boasted the ususal fantastic array of veg stalls, delicious food stalls and more. It was a pleasure to chat to visitors about the lovely veggies they had just bought, and suggest one of two they could grow at home with very little trouble!

Master Gardeners support Croydon residents to start growing their own fuit and vegetables. This can be at home, or in one of Croydon’s community gardens. Advice is free and tailored to the individual. Interested? Contact Liza here

Master Gardeners are part of Croydon’s Food Flagship project – helping to change the way we think about healthy food and boost the numbers of Croydon folk growing their own! Find out more here.



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