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Home grown spuds taste so good!

Home grown spuds taste so good!
Hannah, a 26-year-old graphic designer,  enjoys using objects of nature in her illustrations, but had never tried getting her hands dirty in the garden. Like a lot of people who have never tried growing, she needed to build up a bit of confidence in handling plants!
Hannah enjoys eating freshly grown food so while she was in the garden, Master Gardener Ozichi dropped one of two hints; like “these potatoes really need to come out now” and “I wonder if I can get through all I need to do this afternoon”, and finally “wouldn’t you like to be able to grow your own food? It’s not that hard and you don’t need to be an expert.”
That did the trick and Hannah got started. She said: “I joined Ozichi in her garden for some autumnal harvesting. She’d been growing potatoes in three medium sized containers. It was amazing to see how many potatoes you can get from such a small growing space.
“Ozichi explained that the nutrition in the soil was depleted. So planting beans in their place would help to regenerate the soil.
“To protect the seeds from mice and other wildlife we planted them in sections of kitchen roll tubes. Then we watered them and covered each container with netting. I’m looking forward to eating them in weeks to come.
“The homegrown potatoes had much more flavour than shop-bought ones!”
Croydon Master Gardeners provide FREE food growing advice to Croydon residents who would like to start growing some of their own fruit and veg. This can be at home or in one of the borough’s community gardens. Would you like to learn? Contact us here.


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