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Chutneys and preserves at In-Service Training day

Chutneys and preserves at In-Service Training day

What a wonderful autumn In-Service Training Day for Master Gardeners and Food Buddies, learning to make chutneys and quick-cook jam at Mum’s the Chef cafe in Croydon.
We chopped and stirred, and made tamarind sauce, red onion chutney and a firey mint and coriander sauce. There was also a three berry, quick-cook jam, flavoured with lemon juice and zest that we enjoyed spread on scones with afternoon tea.
Making chutney and preserves is a great way of using up a glut of veggies or fruit.

Preserving techniques mean the summer and autumn bounty can be enjoyed later on in the year when fresh pickings are thin on the ground.

Master Gardeners and Food Buddies receive free In-Service Training as part of their volunteer role. They then use the information to support Croydon residents to start growing their own food, or choose a heathier diet.

Our grateful thanks to Sahara and her amazing chefs for a fascinating (and filling!) day.
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