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The South London Master Gardener programme closed on 28.02.14


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  • Nadine

    Region Croydon, Master Gardener, | Local Purley | Interests Being a mum with a full time job! Family allotment, football and love living in South London
  • Ozichi Brewster

    Ozichi Brewster
    Region Croydon, Master Gardener, | Local Croydon | Interests I am a keen gardener and enjoy growing fruits, vegetables and herhs and flowers. i am always looking for what I can use from my garden, which I recreated into a mini forest food garden in 2012. I have always gardened organically having experienced this as a child. living and growing food naturally with my family. I have adapted my gardening over the years for low maintenance, no waste and recyling as much as I can. Growing food is fun and rewarding, apart from the choice of growing what you really like, their is the benefits of fruits and vegetables that taste fresh, you will get the benefits of being outdoors. I grow in my garden, allotment and containers, where ever I can fit in a plant, there is always a way if you want to grow food.
  • Jay

    Region Croydon, Master Gardener, | Local | Interests 'I learnt the methods and rewards of gardening from my father, watching the miracle as his vegetables peeped out of the ground and grew (as long as I could keep my rabbits from eating them when they escaped from their hutches). Our family and others managed to live well on the produce grown in gardens and on scraps of land during the war and subsequent food rationing; in those days we had a lean but healthy diet and the plants were necessarily grown with natural (effectively organic) methods. I'm part of a small team of gardeners from the East Coulsdon Residents Association. We grow flowers and shrubs at Coulsdon South station, to brighten it up. Its enjoyable to work together, to learn from experimental plantings to see what works best in the station soil and see the station blooming with more colour each year; if we needed encouragement, passengers frequently tell us how the flowers cheer them up before the morning commute to work. I look forward to sharing what I know with new growers and also to learning more from experienced fellow growers in the Master Gardener project. '
  • Shujaat Ali Mahmood

    Region Croydon, Master Gardener, | Local Croydon | Interests I have been looking after fruits and vegetables since primary school. It give a soothing effect after a day’s work. It is always a pleasure to grow fruits, vegetables and flowers. I am an IT consultant with more than twenty years of management, support and programming. It will be an honour to assist people in their gardens.

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